As I’ve mentioned before, I love trains; I also love boats. And the sea in general.

The sea has been on my mind a lot lately, and Njord*, the sea lord. I miss the sea; I only live ten miles away, but I may as well be in Coventry because I can’t get there. I miss lazing around on the boat, even though we never left the dock, the sound and the rocking was soothing. I miss swimming in the sea, something I haven’t done since July 2000.

I found a metaphor today, in a book I’m reading for review, about how we’re each a wave in the ocean, each unique, but at the same time a part of the whole. I’ve been having a ‘not-good’ day, anxious all the time, irritable unless in engrossed in creative pursuits; imagining myself floating in the vast endless ocean, merging with the waves carrying me, connected to the seas, calmed me.

I’ll have to add it to my list of coping techniques.

Back to reading, so many books to review!


* For those unaware of who Njord is I’ll explain. Njord is one of the three Vanir who after the Asir-Vanir War in Norse mythology went to Asgard as hostages. His home was by the sea. He had such lovely feet that when Skadhi, a giantess, demanded a husband from among the Gods as recompense for the death of her father, and was told she had to choose her future husband by their feet, she chose Njord, thinking that he was Baldur, Odin’s beautiful son. Skadhi lived in the mountains; when she stayed with Njord the cries of the gulls got on her wick, and in turn when Njord went to stay in the mountains the howling of the wolves disturbed Him. They came to an amicable compromise involving split accommodation.

Njord is the father of Freyr and Freyja by his sister; modern gnosis is that this sister is Nerthus who is mentioned by Tacitus. There are similarities between the cults of Frey (known as Ing) and Nerthus, specifically the wagon procession.

I have no idea why He’s on my mind, since normally it’s Weyland and Wuldor who have my attention.


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