Facebook, be gone foul creature!

I’ve deleted my Facebook account. Permanently.

Facebook is convenient but it was painful to deal with the overstimulation. I get anxious and twitchy after flicking through Facebook and there’s rarely anything of depth there. It’s the same old rubbish day after day.

I’ve still got my Twitter account but I’m also thinking of deleting one or two of my tumblr accounts since I don’t use them anymore. A friend scaled back her social media presence over a year ago and she seems a lot healthier for it. As much as I like interacting with people it needs to be on my own terms.

I’m off to the library to check my emails and read the papers now,





2 thoughts on “Facebook, be gone foul creature!

  1. Social media sites can be painful. It’s good to be away if needed or permanently for good away. I did notice that I feel a bit better when I’m not there all the time. FB that nutshouse is either funny or peoples lie much.

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