Lincoln, how I adore thee

For thy lovely bookshops.

But not the hill. I’m still suffering from fatigue and leg cramps because of Steep Hill.

I went to Lincoln yesterday, mainly to get some suitable pictures for a feature I’ve written for Lincolnshire Life magazine, but also for a change of scene.

After trekking up to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, I stayed on the flat bit of the hill in the vicinity of the castle. I visited my favourite independent book shop, Lindum Books, and indulged in a book from Persephone Books, High Wages by Dorothy Whipple. I’m enjoying it so far and loving the quality of the binding and paper.

Thence to the castle where I further treat myself to an all-inclusive ticket (£12/adult, free return visit within 6 months); I only really went to look at the newly built Ross Magna Carta Vault. It’s very impressive, and the chance to see the 1215 Lincoln Magna Carta as well as the 1217 Charter of the Forest was inducement enough to pay up. I also had a stroll round the reopened Victorian Prison but it unsettled me, so I left. Next time I go I’ll do the wall walk, and go see the Magna Carta again. I intend to go to Lincoln the Saturday after my birthday in June, for the Lincoln Book Fair, so I’ll add a visit to Lindum Books and a stroll round the castle walls to the itinerary.

After that I visited the Magna Carta pub, which is across the square from the castle gate. Nice food, basic pub stuff freshly cooked to order. I even treat myself to half a pint of cider.

Suitably provisioned (I was stuffed with food and flushed by the cider) I made a quick visit to the Lincolnshire Co-op shop by the bus station, then caught my train home.

To top off the day I had a barbecue and sat in the sun admiring my vegetable bed. Also reading the latest digital edition of the London Review of Books.

A very successful day all in all, even if I am broke until the end of next month now, and I added another idea to my list of potential articles.

Must go, I want to read some more of my new book before I go to sleep.

Good night all,



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