Good morning, you may be surprised to hear it but I feel…I was going to say content, but I’m not because I can feel the anxiety growing in my chest, so I’ll go with ‘almost normal’ instead. By ‘normal’ I mean ‘able to function in society’.
I feel like I could almost function, without getting exhausted, withdrawn, miserably depressed and slightly suicidal. I blame tje Sun, we’ve had a lovely sunny week, I think, I’m a little hazy about Monday, but I know it was sunny the rest of the week.

Oh, now I remember! It was nice on Monday too. My memory is terrible.

Anyway, I wasn’t planning to talk about that stuff. Oh drat, I’ve forgotten what I planned to write about.


I remember now!

There’s an article in the current issue of Writing Magazine, the first in a series of six about writing in the ever popular crime genre. I started reading it on the train yesterday but got distracted by an article in the current edition of LRB about Grimsby and political matters. The Cod Wars were mentioned, among other things.

I thought I’d never even considered crime fiction, but then I remembered a novel I’d outlined a few years ago but never started work on, set in the medieval Lincolnshire wool trade. It seems as though my brain has been working on it again. I have the premise mapped out in my head, I know who my protagonist is, and I know, roughly who committed the crimes.

I can’t start work on it yet though, I still have my fantasy trilogy to finish, I need to decide what to do with my short stories, and I need to finish my non-fiction book.

And there’s my creative writing course work to do. I have finally emailed in assignment two and .need to get on with assignment three.

I have my stuff for therapy to do, so later today I need to go to the cafe for a cup of tea and a cake. I need to walk the dogs and I want to enter the WordswithJAM first page writing competition.

Then there’s the freelance stuff I need to do and my reviews.

It’s making me tired just thinking about it all. Though possibly that’s a result of too little sleep, too many days in a row.

F**k it, I’m having a nap. Back later with three book reviews and details of yesterday’s adventure in Lincoln.





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