Earth Day 2015

I’m back, the dogs have been out in the garden, I’m contemplating breakfast, and I’ve decided that a slightly more upbeat post is necessary, since I do feel better now. Writing = catharsis.

Anyway, today is the designated day we’re supposed to think about Earth. One wonders why we need reminding?


I’ve seen several posts on social media today ‘celebrating’ Earth Day, but like so much else, it seems to be all talk and no action.

I once read a poem written from the perspective of Earth Herself about Earth Day, in which She points out the hypocrisy of celebrants, for instance the person who goes to the Earth Day event in a fuel inefficient car or the recycling evangelist who drops a cigarette in the gutter on the way to the event. If we only talk but not act then we are less ‘honourable’ – for want of a better word – than those who openly admit to doing nothing, because our smugness at our ‘dedication to the environment’ makes us complacent and hypocrits.

So let’s not be be that shall we?

Do you remember the mantra when recycling really started to get pushed: Reduce Reuse Recycle.

It’s not difficult; even if all you do is remember to put your garden waste bins out regularly, or your recycling boxes. Maybe walk or take public transport a couple if times a week rather than the car. Reduce your meat intake a little and get inventive with leftovers. There’s all sorts of resources on the web, if you look.

I’m going to leave you with a quote from this New Scientist article:

Instead of one Earth Day per year, there will be 364. Once a year, we’ll have an Anti-Earth-Day and allow ourselves to destroy habitats, hunt rare animals, mess with the climate and put toxins in the water. That would act as a strange reminder of the early Anthropocene.




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