20th April 2015

Afternoon, I’m about to have a nap but I thought I’d wander by and update the blog.

I have three, soon to be four, books that I’ve read in the last few days, and will be uploading the reviews soon.

This morning I emailed my second assignment to my creative writing course tutor, at last. I’d been struggling with the second part of it. I wasn’t sure what ‘fillers’ in magazines are, so I had to do a bit of research.

This morning I also submitted on spec a filler, a recipe and a couple of informative paragraphs to go with it. I even sent a photo. I was baking at the weekend when it suddenly occured to me that one of the magazines I sometimes read has a monthly recipe.

I’m going to Lincoln on Thursday to get some more photos for my feature in Lincolnshire Life, but I’ve emailed the editor with the suggestion that should it prove difficult to get sufficient quality images, then the article would fit well in The Lincolnshire Poacher, a quarterly that they also print. And I wouldn’t need to get images either.

And finally, one of my aims for the next two weeks is to try to write for two hours a day. I managed in Saturday but not yesterday; I’ve done half an hour so far today (and written 800 ish words), but I’m tired again, so I’ll continue after nap time I think.

Have a lovely week,




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