Library theft

I went to the library this morning to collect a DVD I’d ordered. While I was there I ordered another DVD, series 4 of The Walking Dead.
Unfortunately the library isn’t able to get me the DVD because someone has been systematically borrowing each set of DVDs in the series and not returning them. The person also set up a second account to get more DVDs. The person doesn’t live in North East Lincolnshire, either.

While I was in the library I heard the library assistants discussing thefts from the library. Apparently, someone from Boston has been pulling the same tricks but with graphic novels.

The library assistants all know about the thieves, but there’s no notes on the accounts so books and DVDs keep being issued to them.

It offends me greatly.

Libraries are a public resource for everyone to use. It’s unfair that selfish people are taking advantage of that resource for their own gain.

If you happen to come across any graphic novels or DVDs with a library mark on them, check they aren’t stolen. Usually, ex-library stock will be marked as such, but if in doubt contact your local library.

Thanks for reading,

I’m getting back to my Game of Thrones series 4 marathon,





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