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Review: ‘One Spirit Medicine’ by Alberto Villoldo

One Spirit Medicine: Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness
Alberto Villoldo


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Why are you here?

This is beautiful; excuse me while I wipe away the tears.


Farewell now my sister
Up ahead there lies your road
And your conscience walks beside you
It’s the best friend you will ever know
And the past is now your future
It bears witness to your soul

Because when I was a child, I realized everything is connected, and that was joyous and it felt important but I didn’t tell anyone, because somewhere I had picked up on the notion that was silly, or meaningless, or something.

Because I have always loved the sky and the mountains and the fish and the insects and the quiet stillness of a landscape covered with snow and the crashing of waves and the distant yet so close grandeur of the Milky Way and to see any of that harmed or lost to us is like losing a beloved friend, like losing touch with one’s gods, like having part of your own heart removed.

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Protein World Politics


An advert which displays a half naked woman selling something which could be sold just as well if she was fully clothed- a ridiculous sight but not uncommon.

The Protein World issue brings to the forefront again what has been happening since the dawn of advertising- making women feel inadequate and unsatisfied about themselves, and forcing them to buy something to better fit in to the patriarchal view of women. There is a thriving business on making women feel bad about themselves and its a worldwide, billion dollar empire.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel good, of course there isn’t. However, surely its not too much to ask to make that feeling of goodness not to be exclusionary? Or maybe it is. The advert of a bikini clad woman as the epitome of the beauty ideal is unfair. The childish and rude responses of the staff…

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