31st March 2015

Hello faithful reading, I’ve been a little quiet lately haven’t I?

I’ve had a lot on in the last week, including helping my friend pack and then waving her off to a new life in Sheffield, visiting the therapist and meeting anti-fracking protesters (about which I will be writing, just as soon as I’ve finished fact-checking and reading background information).


Today I am having a lazy day though. I’m going to read, listen to some music and hope my growhouse doesn’t fly away in the wind. I did do some cleaning this morning so it hasn’t been an entirely lazy day.

There will be a couple of book reviews later in the week; I should have done them over the weekend but I wasn’t feeling great.

In other news, I’ve had a letter published in this month’s Writing Magazine and I’m having another published in the May/June issue of Kindred Spirit magazine. My article for the June issue of Lincolnshire Life magazine has been sent in but they need better quality images, so I need to get back to Lincoln at some point soon so I can retake a few pictures.

There isn’t much going on this week compared to last week. On Saturday I have my inspection visit from the lettings agent. Other than that my time is my own. I want to use it wisely.

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