Three hours waiting

To hand in a CV and application form for a part time admin job.

It was ridiculous (I blame the Job Centre staff, because the ladies from Holiday Inn were lovely, if short staffed). But I should probably start at the beginning.

Holiday Inn are opening a new 80 room hotel in Grimsby, opening June or July. They have forty jobs available. I arrived just after midday to find a queue trailing down the street. There must have been hundreds of people after those 40 jobs.

Inside the building there were five people interviewing everyone. There were limited refreshments of Tesco Value bottled water, which tasted nasty and very uncomfortable chairs. After a total of two and a half hours wait I finally got an initial interview. I was of course witty and articulate.

When I left just after three this afternoon the queue was about two thirds the length it had been when I arrived but there were more people inside the building than there had been so it probably wasn’t that much shorter.

It would seem that the job centre staff had informed their customers about the event and the Holiday Inn Grimsby manager had put a notice in the hotel’s Facebook page, resulting in an unexpectedly large attendance.

Considering the need for employment in the area it isn’t surprising that the opening of a new hotel would attract a lot of people. Also the JCP staff have been known to sanction job seekers who have been told about events and don’t attend, even if the jobs advertised are totally unsuitable; I heard at least one person say they were only there became they’d been threatened by their Advisor, and that they would say so if asked why they were applying for the job in the initial interview.

With the large numbers turning up the event was extended an hour or two; some of the JCP staff said five others said six this evening.


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