Lists: the only way I’ll do anything productive this week

I recently got a note app for my phone since I carry my phone at all times (or I do now anyway, after the incident a few weeks ago) and need to scribble things down as they occur. One thing I’ve started doing is writing a list every evening of what I need to do the next day.

It has been quite motivating; the one day I didn’t have a list prepared (yesterday) I spent in bed, mostly sleeping, with a little reading thrown in for variety. I got up to feed the dogs and open the back door so they could go out when they wanted.

1) Take mug to kitchen: pending
2) Shower: complete
3) Dress: pending
4) Type up changes to article: pending
5) Gas and electric meter readings: complete
6) Read through article for lincs life mag.: complete
7) Vacuum study floor: complete
8) Bleach bath: complete
9) 2000 words bastard: pending
10) 25 pages Circle of Eight: pending

TODO: Wednesday 5 of 10 tasks complete

My task list for today is quite short and I’m halfway through it already 🙂

It’s slow going some days but I’ll get through, I hope. Though I still have moments of wandering what the point of it all is when everything seems to conspire against my making any progress in life, I can almost see the light at the end if the tunnel. I just hope the light isn’t an oncoming train…


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