Review: The Yorkshire Meatball Company, Harrogate

Evening all, I’m in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, visiting friends this weekend, and this evening we’ve been out for a meal at The Yorkshire Meatball Company

It was bloody marvellous.

My meal, at £21.25 was good value for money. The main course, Yorkshire Meatballs with mixed leaves, hazelnuts and beetroot, and a ‘bucket’ of skinny chips with a sweet chilli dip, came to £12 and was extremely filling. The meal was delightful The sweet, three iced balls with a coating of chocolate, with a dusting of cocoa and a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a scoop of dairy ice cream, was £5.  The balls were bigger than expected and very tasty. Many of the ingredients, especially the meat, ice cream and alcohol, are locally sourced and each dish is cooked to order.

The atmosphere in this small restaurant was friendly and warm; it wasn’t too loud, and conversation was possible. The staff were friendly, not just professionally friendly but genuinely pleasant and helpful, recommending drinks and dishes, being attentive but unobtrusive.

If you happen to be in Harrogate I recommend visiting this little restaurant. Booking is recommended.

7 Station Bridge


North Yorkshire


01423 566645



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