Author Interview: Lynette Creswell

Good afternoon ladies and gents, I’m adding a bit of variety to the book review side of the blog. I asked a local author if they’d be prepared to answer a few questions about their books. It gives me great pleasure to introduce, Lynette Creswell.


Who is Lynette Creswell?

I’m the author of The Magic Trilogy’.

Where are you from?

Originally I was born in London, raised in Burnley, Lancashire, and now live in Immingham, North East Lincolnshire.

Are you a full time writer or do you have a day job?

I work part-time for the NHS and this has been a great way of selling and promoting my books.

How long have you been writing for?

I’ve been writing all my life but I started my first novel back in 2004. It took me five years to get it finished and another three to get it published.

What inspires your writing?

Writing is in my blood. Sometimes I just read a book or watch a movie and this inspires me to write. Sometimes the ideas come from the most strangest of places. Once I went to an old steel works which showed how they once used air and water to cool the steel. They had the word vortex written on a piece of card. This means a whirling mass of water or air that sucks everything near it towards its centre. This inspired me to write about a beautiful water sprite that rises from beneath the surface of a great lake.

Who, if anyone, inspires your writing?

When I was a little girl, all I had was books for entertainment. I remember reading The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton and I was so enthralled at the thought of being able to climb a tree that led to a magical world that I think the very first seed to my creative writing was planted right at that moment.

Do you have an author who influences your writing style?

No I don’t think so. I like to think I have my own unique style.

How did the world you built in your ‘Magic’ series develop?

I began my story with the characters and getting Crystal back to The Kingdom of Nine Winters. The rest came to me as the story began to unfold. I adore the forest and the idea of realms really appealed to me. I wanted dwarves and elves in my story and I needed the plot to be strong with lots of twists and turns.

When did it first come into being?

The beginning of the story had been in my head for a while, but I didnt quite know where I was going with it. Once I started to write the tale just began to flow. I wanted an evil witch and lots of magicians, a beautiful princess but at the same time, I wanted strong characters that would hold the readers interest.

Where, if anywhere, influenced the ‘geography’ of your invented world?

My magical world is simply inside my head there is no geography as such to any of the places. I created realms which are next door to one another. The world is a simple one which makes the story easy to absorb.

What influence did the world you set your series in affect the plot of the books?

Because the books cover two worlds, I had to be careful of time. When Crystal leaves earth, time stops. The difficulty then was when the characters began to filter from the Extraordinary world into ours. Thats when things became a bit tricky, but Im pleased to say I ironed out these problems pretty early on.

Will there be any more in the series?

I have just released Clump A Changelings Story this is a spin off from book 2 Betrayers of Magic.

The cover designs of the books are interesting, how did you choose the designs? Did you design them yourself or have them designed by someone else?

I commissioned an artist to paint all three pictures for me. I only had a vague idea of what I wanted for Sinners of Magic and we worked together until I was happy with the combination of characters. The cover shows Crystal looking slightly troubled with a band of mages riding on horseback behind her. In the corner you will see Death floating in the air and he pops up in all three books.

In Betrayers of Magic you see the apprentice Niculmus DeGrunt on the front cover wearing the cloak given to him by the Supreme Circle of Mages. In the background you can see the Stannary Mine of the Lost Trinity and if you look closely, you can spot Clump, one of the most endearing characters of the whole trilogy.

For Defenders of Magic I chose a dragon to be with Crystal who is now a few years older. This magnificent creature plays a huge part in the third book and I think the cover looks fantastic.

Your books are published as both e-books and paperbacks, how did you decide on the formats? What process did you go through to get them published?

I find paperbacks are so tactile, I love to hold them and I always wanted to own a copy of my own book. After the publisher I was going with went into administration, I decided to self-publish. I was a little doubtful at first but it was the best thing I could have done. Simply getting your books out there is all that matters, the rest simply follows.

With the revolution of ebooks, I was encouraged by other authors to put my books onto Amazon kindle which I did. It was relatively easy and I have found that most authors sell more ebooks than paperbacks. The font I use isnt traditional but the rest of the format is a basic version used by the publishers.

Your books have landed in the hands of a producer; how did that happen?

I’m never one to miss an opportunity and a year ago, a film producer came to our town. I contacted him via his email and asked if he was willing to read Sinners of Magic to let me know if he thought the story would make a good movie. Many of my readers said how they could visualise the characters inside their heads and thought the book would make a great film. I wanted to know if the book was indeed the right type of story to be seen on the silver screen. To my surprise he was interested in the trilogy and said he would be willing to read the book and let me know his thoughts. Eight months later, he got back to me and said that he loved the characters, especially the immortals and the magical creatures and that yes, the cast had a real cinematic quality to them. He also said he wasnt the man for the job. He explained how great fantasy films cost millions to make and he just didnt have that kind of budget. He did however, have two contacts in America who worked for the powerhouses of Hollywood and with my consent he would pass the books on. The trilogy is currently being read by one of his contacts so fingers crossed something amazing happens soon.

If the books get made in to films, who would you like, if you could have anyone, to play your lead characters?

I would cast Jennifer Lawrence as Crystal.

For Matt, Crystals mortal friend, I always said Zak Efron but I think he maybe a little too old now so Im going to go with Nicholas Hoult instead. (Sorry Zak!)

For Bridgemear, Crystals immortal father who is a powerful magician, I chose Chris Hemsworth.

Amella, Crystals Elvin mother would be either Liv Tyler or Angelina Jolie  whoevers free!

For Crystals mortal mother, I cast, Helen Miriam.

King Forusian (The evil king of the Nonhawks) would be played by Richard Armitage

Other than the ‘Magic’ series, what other books have you written? Do you only write in the fantasy genre?

the witching hour pic

I have written The Witching Hour which is a ten minute short story. Its a light-hearted romance which tells the story of Stella, a young woman whos unlucky in love. One night she is invited to a Halloween party by her boss but the dreaded Delores, her spiteful co-worker has been invited too. Delores has her sights set on Harry Dunlop, Stellas dream man but events are about to unfold that will teach Delores a valuable lesson and allow Stella to finally get to grips with far more than just her broomstick.

What is your latest book?

Clump, A Changelings Story is my new novel. Its already out on kindle but should be out in paperback by the end of March 2015. The story is about A Windigo called Clump who we meet in the book Betrayers of Magic …

Book cover Luke Clump

A race of monsters by day and ferocious timber wolves by night, the Windigos who live in the Red Canyon are formidable creatures. They survive by eating the flesh of the living but, oddly enough, there is one amongst them who cannot abide the taste of meat on his lips.   His name is Clump and hes the chiefs only son. Each night and under the cover of darkness he sneaks away to feed upon a multitude of wild berries and fruits. No one knows his terrible secret but his father, Serpen, is growing suspicious.  Then one day, the Nonhawks, a vile species that likes to murder and maim, capture one of the tribe members, brutally disfiguring another. The victim is Brid, Clumps sister, who is found abandoned in the plateau after suffering a beating which almost costs the young Windigo her life.   Serpen organises a group of hunters to help save Horith, the son of his trusted advisor, from the clutches of the Nonhawk tyrant, King Forusian. After the pack makes its way inside the castle, events spiral out of control which lead to Clump being accused of abandoning his father and leaving him to die.   Sentenced to death, Clumps life changes forever when he is forced to flee his village. He soon embarks upon a magical journey where he will strike an unlikely deal with a witch, be saved by a Plainwalker and find a friend in an Elvin princess.  Be prepared! This is a touching story of unlikely friendships, unexpected love and the most deadly of betrayals.




Synopsis of Sinners of Magic

Sinners of Magic 2013
Crystal is no ordinary sixteen year old girl. Ever since she was a small child she’s been able to sense things, feel when danger approaches and now she’s gone one step further and saved a boy’s life by summoning a supernatural being. Little does she know it but her natural parents are powerful immortals.
Secret lovers in a magical land where procreation outside of their own realms is forbidden, the Elders punish Amella and Bridgemear by banishing their new born child to the world of mere mortals. Years have passed and dark times have descended upon the Elf Realm. Crystal is visited by a shape-changer and tricked into believing if she returns to the Kingdom of Nine Winters, she will find the answersregarding her newly revealed birth right.
Soon she is caught up in dangers greater than anything she could have ever imagined while those who fight at her side, battle to protect her from a wicked sorcerer gone insane and one who is willing to take her to the very edge of destruction…

Synopsis of Betrayers of Magic

Betrayers of magic_cover

Finding the separation from her immortal people too much to bear, Crystal soon returns to the Kingdom of Nine Winters. Her homecoming coincides with the Feast of the Four Quarters Festival where the magical realms come together to choose this years new apprentices who will join, if chosen, the Supreme Circle of Mages.   On this very special day, the princess meets a bold and courageous apprentice named Niculmus DeGrunt who is like no one she has ever met before but is there something sinister lurking behind those mysterious dark brown eyes?   Outside the city, trouble is brewing and there is unrest within those who deem themselves above the law. Conspirators take matters into their own hands and soon the royal family is forcibly separated. Everything will hang in the balance when Crystal has no choice but to search for the lost Book of Souls and free the fourth mage from inside it.   Beware! The power of the revengeful mage is about tobe unleashed …

Synopsis of Defenders of MagicBarry Defenders of Magic Cover

In the final instalment ofthe trilogy, Crystal will face her greatest challenge yet. There is a war coming and Elveria is after her blood. He alone knows he will do anything to prevent her from taking her rightful place, for if she is one day Queen and Niculmus is by her side, a peace will come to their troubled land that will leave him powerless and forgotten.
After following the princess back to the Ordinary World, an accomplice tricks Matt into giving Crystal a potion which he believes will make her fall in love with him forever, but the ruby red liquid is nothing more than a deadly poison. Crystal is taken by Abaddon to the very gates of Hell but much to his dismay, she will not take her final breath. Lost between worlds, Crystal’s only hope is for those left behind to find a way to bring her back to the light before it’s too late.
Each step they take will bring them closer to the truth, to a battle and more importantly, decide the fate of Crystal and The Kingdom of Nine Winters …


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The Witching Hour:

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Twitter: @Creswelllyn


  1. Thank you for inviting me to take part in an interview for your blog. I had fun and I hope it shows.

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