I normally get distracted easily, which I’m told is a bad thing. Today I would love it if I could be so easily distracted. I’ve got a lot on my mind.
Trying to live on benefits is Hell, especially when one part of the system doesn’t update the computer files and another part of the system pays the wrong amount of benefit. I’m not feeling great as it is; the stress and anxiety from the DWP/Tax Credits muck up is not helping! And the local council benefits department aren’t much better.

So I need to distract myself. I’ve tried cooking – I now have my next four meals in tubs in the fridge – and watching a film. Didn’t do any good.

So now I’m sewing. I’m still working on the embroidery I shared a few weeks ago. Concentrating on the pattern occupies enough of my brain that I stop panicking for a few minutes at a time.


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