World Book Day

My nephew went to school as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.
Here in MingMing the kids have been dressing up as there favourite fictional characters for World Book Day for the last few years. We didn’t when I was at school, but that was twenty years ago. I think I’d have dressed up as Alana, from Tamora Pierce’s ‘Song of the Lioness’ series. I was in love with those books from the age of twelve to fifteen.

We used to get given book vouchers to buy a book from a selection brought to school. I bought my first copy of Pride and Prejudice at the World Book Day sale in 1996 while I was at secondary school. I still have it, though it’s a little battered.

How times change.

Today I’m going to be working on one of my novels, the first in the trilogy and then later I shall read one of my library books before going to a funeral.

Best be getting on now, my kitchen floor is being taken up and there’s an awful lot of noise (my dogs are not happy). Still, must get on with the writing.


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