Biting my tongue

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook or other social media that you really, really want to respond to but don’t because the possible fallout isn’t worth it?

Occasionally two people I love very much repost ‘Britain First’ posts. Usually I grit my teeth and ignore them. (Britain First are hate-filled and ignorant.)

This morning someone else I also love dearly reposted something about the curative powers of honey and cinnamon. I wrote a reply but deleted it. (I wanted the citations for the claimed scientific evidence.)

Other people, friends and family have made fatphobic comments. I don’t call them out on it even though I want to. (The comments are usually made because health.)

I feel like I should be able to express my opinion but am afraid that people will get the wrong end of the stick and think I’m attacking them personally, as happened when I challenged a relations fatphobic posts in the past. I don’t want to be always biting my tongue. I don’t want to cause a rift with my family/friends either.

I’m such a coward.


2 thoughts on “Biting my tongue

  1. You’re not a coward Rosie. I don’t always post responses when I disagree because expressing your opinion is fine but not always necessary. Social media has a lot of crap on it. We don’t always have to respond to it. For me personally, I’d rather you tactfully correct my facts but some people choose to retain their opinions in spite of the facts. I have reposted things from Britain First, not because I agree with the principles of the group. I don’t but because I like the sentiment on the meme. I won’t be in future because I’ve recently realised that by sharing them it allows Britain First to get out there more. Slow on the uptake I know but even so lesson learned.
    It’s not cowardly to keep your opinions to yourself just practical who wants to spend all day disputing all the crap on Facebook? 😏

  2. It’s not cowardice, it’s choosing your battles. There’s no reason to get into a confrontation with someone unless it’s absolutely necessary. I think the blogosphere would actually be a much better place if more people stopped and said, “Well, the post this person wrote makes me mad, but do I REALLY need to say anything about it?” Sometimes you might, and sometimes not. It all boils down to whether you think it’s worth your time to fight about something or not.

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