Writing course: results of my first assignment have come back

And I’m quietly pleased with them.
Other than the advice to start reading newspapers there wasn’t much from my feedback of a practical nature. I’m going to try, but papers are expensive. I’ll have to make use of the local library; they stock a variety of papers and magazines.

I’m still working on the second assignment, and the third had arrived. The second assignment is about reader’s letters and fillers. I’m trying to find a variety of markets to send letters to. I’m not sure about fillers though. I don’t really know where to start. I suppose I’ll have a look in the papers/magazines at the library in the morning.

I’ve been thinking about potential articles for local magazines that reference anniversaries and events this year. So far I’ve come up with Cnut’s invasion in 1015 and Magna Carta in 1215. I was looking into the Battle of Waterloo, but it doesn’t look like the Lincolnshire Regiment was involved, although they did fight in the Peninsula War between 1808 and 1814.

Got to go, I need a nap.


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