Books, ‘flu and starting therapy

It’s been a mixed week, here at Casa de Crazy Cawkwell
I’ve been very ill this week, with either an unusually nasty cold or the ‘flu, but the trip to Open Minds on Tuesday morning went well.
I treat myself to some books from The Works – they do three paperbacks for £5, so naturally I went overboard and bought seven books. I’ve read four of them before, the ‘Dido Kent’ novels in which a spinster aunt solves mysteries in early nineteenth century England. Think Jane Austen with more murders. The other three books are Laurie King’s ‘Mary Russell’ mysteries, in which a gangly fifteen year old girl of independent means stumbles across a nominally retired Sherlock Holmes on the Sussex Downs and becomes his assistant. I’m reading the first book at the moment; it’s quite entertaining so far.

As I said my initial visit to the therapist went well; I had an assessment and we talked about suitable options. I’m feeling a little more optimistic but I’m slightly worried about money. As yet I haven’t been well enough to go through the stress of applying for ESA or signing on for JSA, so my few savings will have to pay the rent this month. That’s probably not helping my mental state.

Since I’ve been in bed with either a really nasty cold or a dose of flu this week, I haven’t got any writing done. Reading has also been limited to short bursts between exhaustion and violent coughing. My ribs hurt, my throat hurts, my eyes hurt, my face hurts, and I’m either boiling hot, freezing cold or both at the same time.

It is not fun at all.

I have too much to do to get sick.

Doesn’t my body know just how inconsiderate it’s being?

I am feeling slightly better today so I’m going to try to post a couple of book reviews I’d planned to do earlier in the week but couldn’t.


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