It’s been an interesting week

And it’s still only Wednesday.

Let’s see, I’ve had a bad do with my mental health, lost my job because of said mental health conditions, and have been meandering between sanity and madness for the last few days.

I’m fine this morning, but then I was fine, if exhausted, yesterday until early evening when I started being not fine again. Let’s see how today pans out. I don’t have the hangover feeling that I had yesterday and usually get if my depression is going to appear for another day.

I’ve submitted my first assignment for my writing course and I’m thinking about the second assignment. So, yay, progress.

Also, I have a job interview today, so I really should get off the internet and get ready.

More on the events surrounding my losing my job later. I need to check a few things first.



P.S. Wish me Luck with the job interview!


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