I’ve decided to do a writing course

Morning all, having a good weekend? I hope so. I had a rather disappointing day yesterday but I’m back on with the positive thought patterns at the moment.

I’d hoped the start a full time BA in Professional Writing at our local HE college in September, but because half a lifetime ago I decided to study the sciences I now can’t get funding for my passion. The government and StudentFinance:England are very strict about that; if you already have one degree you’re being greedy for asking for help to get another. Even if it was over a decade ago. Unless anyone wants to lend me £18, 000 to pay for my course? No? Okie doke.

But then, to cheer myself up, I starred looking at other courses (Thanks Daddy for that idea) and while I was having a root through my emails last night I found one from The Writer’s Bureau for a discount for their Comprehensive Creative Writing course, so I signed up and used a bit of my inheritance (Ta Mumsy! See I am using it wisely!). I’m going to see how it goes; you never know, it might just be the encouragement I need.

I’ve already downloaded the course materials but I’m waiting for the paper copies to turn up. I like having electronic copies as back up, but I enjoy the tangible solidity of paper, plus I can scribble in paper copies and highlight stuff. One of the reasons I wanted to take the college course was because I actually study better in a structured environment; I struggled with a distance learning course I took last year and still have one module to do, because I get distracted easily. In a class room, especially small groups, I have to focus and there is someone available to push me back on track. I’m also naturally lazy; without a tutor I will coast through, but won’t display my full abilities. Yeah I could get a 2:2 on my own, with someone pushing me to concentrate I could get a first.

Since I don’t have a spare £18,000 lying about, I’ll just have to flail my way through this distance learning course.

In other news, I treat myself to two books yesterday, which I will probably review, and on Saturday 17th January I’m taking a trip down to London to go to the British Library to see an exhibition about gothic literature. I mentioned it last year, and since I would like to be a bit spontaneous this year (as opposed to planning everything months in advance) I’ve booked my tickets. It’s going to be interesting, and I’ll make use of the free train WiFi to tell you all about it.


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