Alone at Christmas

And it’s been so good for me.

I am not joking; two days away from other people (except for visiting friends for a relaxing game of Space Zombie Munchkins) has done me the world of good. I’ve basically spent the last two days sleeping, reading, writing and eating sensibly (mostly). It has been a couple of months since I’ve been able to lock myself away from the world; the new job, I may have mentioned this before, is emotionally intense and demands my full attention. Weekends are never long enough; Saturday is shopping and bill paying day, Sunday is cleaning day, and visiting friends.

It has been making me ill; I’ve had to take time off because of my depression and I’ve been getting every cold going. It’s no secret that I have a mental health condition but no allowances are made for that by the client company (which is ironic, in so many ways – if you know who I work for this will make sense) but my agency have been understanding. My manager at the agency rings or emails regularly to check up on me.

So, this last couple of days alone with my dogs has helped a great deal. I wrote over 3000 words on one of the novels yesterday (it’s now 54,000 words long and not even half done – characters and events keep appearing). It’s the most I’ve written all month! I’ve finally got my main character to the crisis point that changes her relationship with the other characters and affects her worldview. I know what’s going to happen in the third book now too.

There will be blood! And the complete reformation of society!

I’m really looking forward to writing the third book, now I know what will happen.

And now I’ve been awake an hour and the dogs are demanding my attention (they lie on top of me and kick me in the face until I make a fuss of them) so I’ll be going now. I hope everyone is having a good Yuletide/Christmas, and have an excellent weekend before normal service resumes on Monday morning when we all have to to back to work.

Bye bye



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