Last & First


This afternoon I’m on the road again, my last adventure of the year. I’m going to a concert in Nottingham. It’s also the first concert I’ve been to those year. I’ve had to arrange a babysitter for the Hell Hounds and everything.

I’m going to see Reckless Love, but I’m almost as excited to see their support act, a Cambridgeshire band called ‘The First’. They followed me on Twitter last year so I’ve reviewed their music, particularly their album ‘Take Courage

I’ve just been told by My Favourite Finn that if I get a chance, I need to talk to Reckless Love because

usually they wanna talk if they got time. Olli is such a sweetheart with a


There’s a reason My Favourite Finn is my favourite Finn 🙂

Anyway, the title of this post is last & first, so lets get back to the point. Tonight the moon is full, the last full moon of 2014.

Aerra Geola has begun

Going before Yule. In my personal belief system, although it is influenced by ancient and modern writers, Yule is a season, linking the old year – Aerra Geola – with the new year – Aeftera Geola. Geola is the last and first, and the centre too. So, in the weeks running up to Yule, Going Before Yule, I prepare for the festival of Yule itself, which lasts from Midwinter to New Year’s Day. As ‘luck’ would have it, this is approximately the same period as Advent and Christmas. I’m not going to indulge in the Christmas is Pagan debate, others have done it already.

This month I will be trying to finish off my embroidery projects, especially the ones I’m giving as gifts, before the 20th. After that I’m giving the sewing a rest until the New Year. In fact I’ll put aside all my fibre crafts, crochet as well as embroidery and sewing, in honour of the tradition that all spinning should be finished before Yule or Frigg will punish laziness.

My house will stay undecorated until the 20th, though I have changed the candles on my alters to a slightly more celebratory scent. I’ve got a thing for candles that smell of pine trees or woodlands. Until this morning I was burning some Yankee Candles Silver Birch, after I get home tomorrow it’ll be Christmas Wreath (or something like that).

In the next fortnight I shall be cleaning the house thoroughly in preparation for the holy nights, taking particular care to finish unpacking. I still have five boxes in the sitting room to take upstairs and go through. I would like the house to be tidy and comfortable during the darkness, a nest to come home to after work, a welcoming space to welcome guests in to.

Yule bridges the old year and new in name, the last and first months of the year share the name, and spirit. This time of year is dark and cold, the festivities are a point of brightness to get us through until the new year blossoms into new life.

Good evening all,

I’m off to Rock City



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