Novel update

I’ve just realised I haven’t written anything about the novel I’ve spent the last year working on, not for a while at least.

NaNoWriMo finished last Sunday, and as I announced in October, I didn’t take part this year because I’m still working with the results of NaNoWriMo 2013. I’ve spent the last month working full time, which is a novelty for me, which means my poor novel had languished. I had a talk with myself at the weekend and have tried to get back on track. It worked yesterday, I wrote on my breaks at work, and I’ve put in a couple of hours this evening (I was off work with a migraine, once the analgesics kicked in I was finally able to do something but not a lot). I’m managing about 1000 words a day. Yesturday I worked on book one, which is really still in first draft. Today I worked on book two, which was the original novel I wrote last year. It has changed considerably since then.

It may be some time before the trilogy sees even its first beta reader. I haven’t really started writing book three. I’m doing something of a rough writing schedule. I have to work on books one or two every day during the week then two or three at the weekend. Because two is the original I need to work out the plot changes so that when I write one and three I don’t contradict myself.

Does that make any sense?

So that’s where I am; all my other writing projects are on the back burner while I concentrate on the trilogy.

Good night,



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