I’m not very good at this assertiveness thing.

I started a new job at the beginning of November, in a call centre. Training finished on Wednesday, so yesterday was the first day I took calls.

Obviously, I’m not going to go into details, because confidentiality etc. but it is satisfying, and hard, work. My shoulders and neck were aching within hours from stress.

As well as the stress of navigating unfamiliar computer programmes I was terrified of saying the wrong thing. I wanted to get everything perfectly correct the first time.

Which did not happen. I struggled with finding the right information because of unfamiliarity with the systems, and I struggled to control the call.

My last caller was a ranter; I couldn’t assert myself enough to shut them up and find out what they actually wanted to know. Once they’d run down a bit and I’d established that particular information, they started up again.
I had to interrupt them with the answers. I managed a polite ‘excuse me’, and told them. Then couldn’t get them off the phone because they wanted to check everything a dozen times.

My call times are ridiculously long.

I don’t think I’m very good at this sort of work.

I think I’d rather just write. Can I do that? If I’m going to spend the day toiling over a computer I’d rather be doing something I enjoy.

And I can be quite assertive when I’m writing.

Got to go, my lift to work will be here in half an hour.


P.S. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to my American readers. It’s not a festival we have here, and I don’t celebrate but I wish everyone who does a good holiday.

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