New job, miffed dogs

I’m pretty certain Ezzie and Gyfa spent the day in my bedroom; they’ve taken the sheet off the bed and kicked the pillows all over the place.

They also knocked the vase off the window ledge, but nothing is broken so it’s all good. I went out to catch a bus early to get to my new job. I have got a job in a call centre. Warm, dry, civilised hours; just what I asked for. I love it already and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

I started my training today, there is a lot of training. I think it will be interesting. I tried to act sane and smiled at people. I even tried to make conversation; I didn’t succeed but at least I tried. I shall work on that this week. And continue to act ‘normal’. How exhausting…

Ezzie and Gyfa have demanded my undistracted attention since I got home three hours ago. They’ve fallen asleep now though so I might get a bit of reading done.


Bedtime reading: it’s quite academic but fascinating.

I woke the dogs up taking that photo. They are not happy with me this evening.


Gyfa is ignoring me and Ezzie has been giving me evils from behind her tail.


Other people have partners and kids, I’m a crazy dog lady. I think I prefer it that way.

Good evening, I’m going to get some reading done now.



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