Loki wears a Guy Fawkes mask

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November Reviews: Part Two

I’m back with more book reviews. There’s a bit more variety this time round.
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The Voting Dilemma

Morning all, I hope you’re having a fantastic day?

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What a hideous shirt.

So, presumably you’ve all heard about the magnificent achievement of the ESA team who put the spacecraft Rosetta in orbit around comet 67P/Churymov-Gerasimenko and then managed to successfully land the Philae spacecraft on it?
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Worst place to shop?

This is old news now but I wrote this last week and haven’t had a chance to get it online before now.

New and old don't necessarily sit well together

I read an article on The Independent’s website over the weekend, about terrible places in the UK to shop. Dudley, apparently, is the worst and London is the best place to go for retail therapy.


None of that is surprising, London is a shopping addicts paradise, but I think they must have limited the survey that the list is based on to towns over a certain population size, because Immingham should definitely be on that list.

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Split personality; or, What on Earth am I going to wear for ‘dress down day’

For a charitable donation tomorrow at the New Job we humble workers will be permitted to wear whatever we please. Within a strict set of parameters. Nothing offensive or insulting, the sort of thing.
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