October Reviews, part 1

While I’m getting used to my new job I’m going to post my reviews in a single blog post. They will probably be quite short, a summary of the content or plot, followed by my opinion and reasons for that opinion.


The Great War at Sea
Lawrence Sondhaus

This book covers the naval arena during the First World War and includes the pre-war distribution of forces and their make up as well as technology, in addition to actions undertaken during the war itself.  This book is a comprehensive synthesis of the naval arena and the part the sea war played during WW1.

I found this book interesting, comprehensive and relatively unbiased in its coverage of the subject matter. It is written confidently and with sufficient depth to interest the student or history professional, but isn’t so technically difficult to put off the educated amateur.


The Indifference League
Richard Scarsbrook

A group of teenagers vow to meet ever year at a coastal cottage; they never quite manage it.

This book was so dull. Seriously, I can’t muster up the enthusiasm to review it it was that bad. The characters were uninteresting and unoriginal. The plot as nonexistent.


Gaza: A History
Jean-Pierre Fuliu
Translated by John King

Oxford University Press
12th September 2014

The history of Gaza is ancient and fascinating. This study briefly covers the first several thousand years of its history as the gateway to the Levant, being fought over by every major empire in Europe and the near East, and then covers the years from 1947 in depth, charting the political events, wars and social changes that have shaped modern Gaza.

Intriguing and in-depth, this book provided a useful perspective on current events by putting them in their historical context. I would have liked more chapters on the early history of Gaza though. Well-written, in chronological order, and covering all major events, the author does a good job of explaining the modern history of this ancient city.


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