All Hallows Eve?

Evening ladies and gents.

It’s Halloween or Samhain for some people. Whether as a religious or secular occasion, it has been a few years since I gave much thought to it. I don’t celebrate either the religious festivals of All Hallows Eve etc., or Samhain. Nor am I a child so I find the whole trick or treat business a nuisance. I have dogs; random strangers knocking at the door upsets them.


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October Reviews: Part Two

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, once again I return with a collection of book reviews. Work is still occupying half my days and the rest I am trying to dedicate to writing. Best of luck to everyone taking part in NaNoWriMo 2014, have a good November.
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Some people have no manners

Have you seen this video? It’s been all over my Facebook and WordPress dashboards for the last couple of days. After a couple of my friends were tagged in or commented on it in Facebook post I thought it was about time I found out what all the fuss was about. For the sake of being able to make conversation. Because I try to do that now.
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Gothic Imagination


There are times when I wish trains were cheaper, and now might be one of them. There’s an exhibition on at the British Library called

Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination

that I really would like to see. I might have to take a trip down to London on one of my ‘four-off’s in November or December. I wonder whether I can go there and back in a day without completely exhausting myself? And I’d need to find fairly cheap train tickets, but still, it might be possible.

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October Reviews, part 1

While I’m getting used to my new job I’m going to post my reviews in a single blog post. They will probably be quite short, a summary of the content or plot, followed by my opinion and reasons for that opinion.


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