Review: Jealous Gods by Poets Of The Fall

Poets Of The Fall released their new album on Spotify today and I’ve been listening to it on repeat at my work placement. It certainly made the time pass while I was scanning piles of files.

(The video is sort of dark carnivalesque. Don’t watch if you have a phobia of clowns. Or fire.)

POTF are a band I happened upon while browsing Spotify one day. I haven’t really looked up much about them but I know they’ve been around a decade or so and all their albums are on Spotify. They seem very creative and the singer has an interesting vocal range. In general, I like their music, I wouldn’t be writing about their new album otherwise. I find it’s quite calming (I speak as one who finds Metallica relaxing when I’m stressed), I like to get lost in the imagery. It’s melancholic but not miserable, if that makes any sense.

This album doesn’t disappoint; it’s as good as any of their previous albums. The images in the music, the soft guitars, and instrumental interludes of soaring guitars are typical of POTF.

If I had any criticism it’s that I could put all the albums they’ve ever made in a single playlist and put it on shuffle, and I wouldn’t be able to pick out new from old. I enjoy the music but there never seems to be any stylistic change. There’s no point changing a good thing, I suppose, but surely you’d get bored eventually?

I certainly enjoyed listening to this album but it didn’t set the world on fire for me.

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