I really shouldn’t have bothered with this book

Review: ‘Talk yourself slim with Dr. Rocket’s self-chatter diet. Behaviour Focused Weight-loss Success’ by John Richardson


Troubadour Publishing Ltd
28th June 2013

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Review: ‘Comradely Greetings’

The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj

By Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Slavoj Zizek


Translated by Ian Dreiblatt
Introduced by Michel Eltchaninoff

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Review: Jealous Gods by Poets Of The Fall

Poets Of The Fall released their new album on Spotify today and I’ve been listening to it on repeat at my work placement. It certainly made the time pass while I was scanning piles of files.

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It’s September. It’s the full moon, the second ‘super moon’ of 2014. That means the moon is unusually close to the Earth.

I took a couple of pictures to show you just how huge the moon is tonight.


In this photo the moon is in the centre. The lower light is a street lamp about 400 yards away. It’s in the pub car park.


Again, the moon is in the centre, the white light at the top is a street lamp 30 yards away. You can just see the orange light of the other street lamp in the lower right hand corner.

The full moon in September is poetically referred to as the Harvest Moon (Thanks to my friend N for the post on Facebook; I wouldn’t have remembered otherwise)
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Feeling odd; Ignorance about depression

So, I mentioned earlier that I’m a little anxious about moving on Thursday. I rang my sister this afternoon and am now feeling better about it.

Unfortunately, ignorance has thrown me for a loop. I want to cry. It’s ridiculous.
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