Two weeks and I’ll be signing the contract

As I might have mentioned before, I’m out of work and my mum’s house has been sold. The last couple of months have been a little stressful, and consequently my mental health has been a little unstable.

Well, I have had some news today that has taken away some of the worry and brought a lot more. Two weeks after viewing a house and applying for it I’ve received an email confirming that my application has been accepted. After a bit of ringing round this morning and a trip to Louth this afternoon, I have secured the house.

It’s not huge, just a two up – two down, two – bed ’70’s terrace. The second bedroom is a box room, but it’s big enough for my writing desk (donated by dad) and bookshelves; I need more book shelves. It’ll be lovely to have space to myself (and the dogs); I’ll be able to concentrate on writing without having to cope with other people interrupting me. I need the peace and isolation that having my own house will bring. I think it’ll help with my stability.

I’m really looking forward to finally having my own writing space. I think it’ll have a positive effect on my writing productivity. I really would like internet access too.

On the other hand, how am I going to pay all the bills? That’s a new layer of stress. I’ve only ever had to pay personal bills, such as food and debts, bills for my scooter. I’ve never had to organise paying gas, electricity, water, council tax etc. It’s all a bit much. It won’t be a problem once I have a job; I’ll be able to pay everything, but I don’t know how long I’ll be out of work. I should hear on Monday about a job I had an interview for last week. I hope I get it, because a job is better than being on the dole.

I’ll stop panicking now and get back to writing the novel. 37804 words and counting.




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