Dr Who day

It’s Saturday.

New series of Dr Who! The first episode has just finished on BBC and now I’m digesting it.

Peter Capaldi is a brilliant Doctor. I loved his lost and confused flailing around, and his suit. I want that suit.

There were references to previous episodes, obviously. I haven’t seen the episode with the clockwork automatons in Versailles, so my friends have filled me in on the details. We’ve been looking up things about Madame du Pompidour and Marie Antoinette.

The TARDIS is spat out by a giant dinosaur in Victorian London. The Doctor is confused. Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax happen to be there. All the gang are there, just in time for spontaneous combustion, clockwork automata harvesting organs, and the Doctor’s last phone call from Trensellor.

It’s going to be a good series.


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