I’m worn out

It’s been a busy day today.
I’ve started packing this morning, so now my bedroom, hallway and the front room are full of boxes. I’m still trying to find somewhere to live; I’ve been to look at another house this afternoon and arranged to view another on Thursday.

In addition I have two sets of book reviews to do on the next couple of days and two books to write.

I need to find a job soon and get the first assessment of the course I’m doing at the moment completed and emailed to the college by next Monday.

Oh, I almost forgot, I have little money left. The bills have gone/are going out, my former employer hasn’t paid me for 11 hours I worked last month and my savings have pretty much been used up. So, on top if everything else I’m skint.

I’m exhausted. I can’t focus enough to do anything and right now I really want a hug.

Pity I don’t really do hugging. I think I’ll have an early night and return to work on my many projects tomorrow.

Time for the self-indulgent pity party to end. Or I’ll start crying.



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