Job hunting; Or, I think I’ve finally found the guts to go freelance, and other things I’ve been up to lately

Good afternoon lovely readers, how are you? Enjoying the summer? As you might have guessed I’m in rather a jaunty mood. I had a good weekend and today

I’m spending some quality time with my niece and nephew. We’ve been for a walk with their dogs, they’ve robbed me for a magazine each, my nephew has secluded himself in his room playing on his X Box, and my niece has painted my toenails five different colours. There has been no television and I intend to keep it that way.

Last week wasn’t so good, I had a lot of stress going on and it made me ill; so many triggers, so little mental health. You know how it is. I had to go to see someone about my impending homelessness (see last week’s post for more details); they weren’t very helpful. Then I had to visit estate agents and work out a way to afford the rent on a private letting. I managed to visit a bungalow and spent the rest of the week waiting to hear whether I’d got it. More on that later. Things certain people (you know who you are) have said didn’t help either; it all got too much and I spent most of friday in bed. I only got up because I had to email an application form for a job before noon.

But, this week will be better. I’m feeling much more stable, calm even, and full of plans. I spent the weekend with my dear friend E, watching movies and drinking expensive cider (that she paid for). It was very relaxing and I feel a vast deal better now.

Over the weekend I applied for several jobs and have applied for another five today. I have also signed up to and have been bidding on two or three projects a day for most of the last week; I haven’t won any projects yet but I am going to keep trying. I think I need to work on my bid proposal method. I’m feeling my way around it at the minute. It’s part of my drive to stand on my own two feet without relying on family, friends or the state. I need a job before the end of August, ideally. Since that is going to be difficult (I also need somewhere to live in the next two weeks) with everything else going on I’m trying freelance article/blog post writing and proofreading to bring in a little money. If anyone has anything of that nature that they need doing, please email me and we’ll talk. Fair rates, high standards and good customer service guaranteed.

I have also been thinking about reviving some articles I wrote three or four years ago for, updating and tidying them up, and collating them all in to an e-book. I will probably write some extra chapters for the book as well. I’m looking at Smashwords or Kindle editions at the minute but I have nothing definite yet. I will of course keep you updated about any progress.

All these things are keeping me busy while I look for a ‘normal’ job. Job hunting isn’t easy; I had been applying all over the country but I have decided to focus on Lincolnshire now. There’s a good reason for this. At the moment I’m living with my mother; that won’t last much longer because the house has been sold. I need my own place, with my dogs. While I’m living at home, if I were to get a job that required commuting for a few months until I could relocate, the dogs would be fine because Mum would be at home. Not so when I move out, thus I need to limit my total (there and back) commute to an hour, ninety minutes at most. That gives me a range from Lincoln to Hull and from Cleethorpes to Doncaster (pushing it up to two hours total commute).

Home is where the books are.

I’m looking for administrative work; it has been suggested that I should just go back to factory work for a while but that assumes I am stable enough to work in that environment. I’m not sure it would be a good idea, as the factory environment, actually working on the production line rather than in the office, triggered my two most recent diagnoses of depression. If it’s all the same, I’d rather not go there again. I enjoy working in admin, I personally find it very easy and the communal atmosphere encouraging. Also, I like playing with computers. I’m studying as well, at the minute, for a principles of business and admin certificate. I find it quite interesting, especially the section about working regulations (sad, I know). It passes the time between job searching, house hunting, writing novels and my work placement.

The novel is coming along nicely; I managed another 3200 words of the second draft yesterday. For some reason I have new events occurring and new characters turning up. Original characters keep doing unexpected things. I can’t pin them down, and now they’ve started arguing with each other. If they’re not careful I’ll send them off to wait for another novel in the next edit. I won’t have misbehaviour from my characters.

Yes, I do talk about my characters like they are real people, I can’t help it. You try living with warring tribes in your head for two years.

And finally, I am still looking for somewhere to live; I had a phone call from the estate agent this morning, I haven’t got the bungalow. The landlady was apprehensive about the dogs. I’m a little disappointed because we were told by the estate agent that there would be no problem on that front. I was more worried about the fact that I am unemployed for the time being. Apparently that wasn’t a problem, but my two babies are.

I think I’ve rambled on enough, but to summerise:

  • I’m still looking for a job in admin
  • I’m still homeless and didn’t get the bungalow I visited last week
  • I’ve joined
  • I’m giving freelance writing and proof reading a shot
  • My novel is trotting along nicely
  • Potential new book in the works
  • I am stable and happy this week; yay for medication sometimes working




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