Morning, hope you’re having a good weekend?

I am; I’m having a little holiday – spending the weekend at my sister’s while she’s away visiting her in-laws. Someone needs to look after the animals; the rabbit who has his own room, the hamster named Loki who only surfaces for hamster-chocolate, and the new resident hamster – acrobatic Sophie. There’s a children’s picture book in there somewhere, I’m sure.

So random drivel aside, what have I been up to?

Yesterday was interesting. After spending the morning searching for a job I got the bus to Grimsby. I planned to go up to  Cleethorpes for a walk, the theory being that a gentle stroll and a paddle in the sea might help cool me down.

I made it as far as the haberdashers by the bus stop. I have more aida and threads. Next I got the bus to Cleethorpes, but only made it as far as the new material shop. I have some more calico and two patterned fabrics for the stash. I’m going to have an interesting collection of cushions. I started making one, and a biscornu (just to have a go at them) last night; I need to get another bag of stuffing so I can stuff both and finish them off.


It’s Cleethorpes Air Show this weekend. The traffic was horrendous so I walked the rest of the way. The bus I was going to get from the stop outside the material shop up to Isaacs Hill wasn’t much ahead of me. Walking was relatively quick. And the exercise is good for me, I think.

I didn’t get to see any of the Air Show. I got distracted by the “Geeks!” Sci-fi, fantasy and comic con at the Memorial Hall. It was packed with stalls, people and a TARDIS. I met a couple of authors, whose books I will be reviewing at some point, after I finish all the other books on my list. One of the authors was selling all four of his books for £5; how could I refuse such a deal? The second author was selling his books for different prices depending on thickness. I started reading the one that I bought on the way home. If I’d had a red pen… Yes, my internal editor started screaming. I hope the second edition the author told me about is better edited.


I’ve never been to a ‘con’ of any kind; I’m surprised at how busy it was and it  amazed me how many people were cosplaying. It’s too hot to cosplay!

I had planned to go back in to Cleethorpes today, in the hopes of seeing something of the Air Show, but to be honest I think I’d rather spend the day writing.

Talking of, time to get on with writing. The second draft isn’t going to write itself.

I have characters appearing all over the place. They definitely weren’t in the first draft…


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