Spelt biscuits

Some days, for no reason, I get the urge to bake. Today was one of those days. I made spelt and honey buscuits, and chocolate cornflake cakes.

I originally got the biscuit recipe from the back of a flour bag. It’s really simple and makes about 15 biscuits. This is the original recipe, with my notes.

200g/8oz  spelt flour

1tsp baking powder

1tsp cinnamon

100g/4oz sunflower oil – I use rapeseed oil since it works just as well

100g/4oz honey – the clear runny stuff works best.

I recommend weighing the oil first then the honey; the oil residue in the scale pan will stop the honey sticking to it.

Basically put everything in the bowl and mix until all the ingredients are a smooth mixture.

Spoon individual dollops on to a greased baking tray, leaving enough room for the mixture to expand slightly.

Cooking time can be a bit hit and miss depending on the oven. The recommended cooking time/temperature is 8 – 12 minutes at 190 Celcius or gas mark 5. I find the cooking time varies depending on which oven I use.


I followed the instructions, because it’s been a while since I made these biscuits – spelt flour isn’t easy to get hold of in this town – and now I remember why I modified the recipe. 1tsp of cinnamon is too much; it’s quite ‘drying’ on the tongue and doesn’t add much flavour. I think I’ll add  a bit of ginger next time and half the cinnamon. Possibly less oil and more honey as well.

Next time I feel like baking I’ll have a play around with the proportions.

And now I must go.



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