Boxing up my books.

I’ve come to the conclusion my migraine was a really bad headache instead. I haven’t vomited and, less than twelve hours after it started, I’m able to do something other than collapse on my bed.

So, since I’m vaguely alive, and I have a moving out deadline now (24th August ish), I’ve started boxing up my books.

I’m separating them into keep and sell. I have 31 to sell so far. I’m making a spreadsheet so that I can keep track of them all.

It’s going to be quite a wrench getting rid of them, but it’s something that needs doing. The way things are going I’ll probably have to move to a council flat or bedsit. There won’t be enough room for all my books.

I need the money as well 😦

So, I’m only keeping some of my collection. It’ll still be several bookshelves worth.


I have got through the first four boxes/stacks of books and have 62 to sell. I’ve got my bookshelves to do next, but I think that’s a job for next week.


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