So many plans…

‘Welcome To Night Vale’ live show in October…Linkin Park in November…Reckless Love in December

*grabby hands*

It all depends on getting a job before too long.

Talking of, the interview went well yesterday. I’m surprised at myself, I wasn’t nervous, made eye contact, answered questions sensibly. I can’t say anything about the job other than that it sounded really interesting, and I should hear early next week if I’ve got through to the next stage.

I have another interview for a different job next Thursday. It’s for the company I was temping at earlier in the year but at a different site. If I’m entirely honest, I don’t want to work for Icelandic Seachill in any capacity, but if I’m offered the job I’ll take it. I applied for it about six weeks ago, as an opening salvo in my ‘agh, I need a new job!’ campaign. It’s taken so long to get a response I thought they’d taken one look at my CV and decided against me.

I’ve got five or six jobs I need to apply for this weekend, so I’m hoping to have some more responses. I shall just keep at it until something comes up. I’ve paid my bills for this month, just about, but I’m not sure I’ve got enough savings for more than one more month out of work.

I really would like the job I interviewed for yesterday.


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