After yesterday’s eruption, my mind is clear

Other than not sleeping well, or at all, last night and having an horrendously vile cold that won’t give in, I’m feeling better this afternoon.

I spoke to E as well as my little sister last night, and my friend Mon in the Netherlands text this morning. Their support has helped incredibly, and I’m really grateful.

I spoke to Mum about why I was so upset yesterday evening, and tried to explain my reaction. I think she understood but I’m not holding my breath. My sister is talking to me again, but I think she’s still mad with me.

We has two estate agents round this morning to value the house; that’s three now, all if them quoting similar values. With luck we can get a quick sale.

I’m preparing the first review post of the month at the moment, scheduled for publication on the fifteenth. I spent a couple of hours earlier listening to two albums and reviewing them. I have a few books to finish reading so I can review them for the post. That’s cheered me up too.

The main reason I’m feeling positive this afternoon is because I’ve just been invited for a job interview on Thursday!

I very much need this job, it’s in administration, which is what I really enjoy doing. It appeals to the obsessive/organised part of my nature. I so hope I get the job, the anxiety about a new job is beaten by my anxiety about being long term unemployed. On balance
I’d rather deal with short term new job anxiety than long term oh-hell-i-need-a-job-now anxiety.

I’m spending two days this week, and every week until I get another job, at the my Dad’s work, doing some admin work for them. It’s extra work experience; I need something to keep me going for as long as I’m out of work. It’s unpaid but I think the returns, in terms of experience, contacts, my confidence and mental health, are compensation enough.

I just need to find something smart to wear…


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