A four-day working week? Only if I can have a pay rise.

Britons should cut down to four-day working week, leading doctor claims http://t.co/CTyB4NIgfN — i newspaper (@theipaper)

My morning check of emails and social media was one of my favourite procrastination methods while I was working part time. Now I’m out of work I have resumed the morning email/social media rummaging.

Today it has proven fruitful; I hath a blog post out of it 😀

On the email front, I’ve found two jobs I will apply for when I take my daily walk to the library this afternoon. I also had a book review request, but I already have a few books I need to read, thus unfortunately I had to politely decline.

Next up was Twitter. I get a lot of my news from Twitter, since most major newspapers and organisations have Twitter now. The tweet above caught my attention; obviously I read the story or I wouldn’t be commenting on it.

A four-day work week would be great, for health reasons – mental and physical – and to equally distribute the available jobs. I love the idea of having more ‘not work’ time, but I have concerns.

I don’t know about you, but I have to work full time in order to survive because minimum wage is £6.31/hour. Unless the minimum wage rises considerably part time work is not a viable option for many people.

Hypothetically, if the working week goes to four days, how would that work for manufacturing companies that run seven days a week? What about shift working? And small businesses, would they have to employ extra people to do a day a week or have overlapping shifts or what? How would the ‘four day working week’ actually work? What effect would it really have on the unemployed figures? Has anyone tried to find out?

It seems like the suggestion made by Proffessor Ashton really only takes account of Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 employment.

Most of us don’t have these ideal working hours.

Yes, I agree we need to spend less time working and more time living, we need to help more people find work, but a ‘four-day working week’ is an easy and lazy solution that only helps a small part of the working population.

Only when people are paid above the living wage will it be possible to change the number of days a week that people work. As things stand, it’s not a viable option for people on minimum wage.


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