The voices in my head are responsible for this…

Women: we resent being objectified! Stop it!

Men: you objectify us too!

Me: Why don’t we just all agree to treat each other as human beings worthy of respect as unique and distinct individuals, rather than objects?

I was watching a video yesterday from Upworthy, which must have incubated a spark in my brain, because on the way to work this morning that ^ popped up.

Women, it’s true beyond all shadow of doubt, are objectified by men; in films, magazines and on television, in everyday life, when we go to work, shopping, take part in sports, on the internet, everywhere.

Because, obviously we’re just here to be stared at or criticised because we somehow fail to conform to unrealistic physical parameters. Our personalities, intelligence, hopes, achievements, fears, failures, plans, ideas…they don’t come in to it, because we aren’t real people.

On the other side of that is the less common, or at least less commented on, habit of women objectifying men. Admit it ladies, many of us have talked about a man we find attractive in terms that don’t respect them as individuals.

The difference is when men do this it’s ‘normal’ and socially expected and reinforced behaviour; when women do the same thing it’s in tones of humour and a dirty joke, because we’re not supposed to do that sort of thing.

Example: Women who talk about attractive famous men are dismissed as screaming fangirls; men who discuss famous women in terms of their looks are ‘just being men’.

Fuck off with the double standard.

So, I propose that we all just stop objectifying and start treating each other with respect.


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