“I wouldn’t mind a hug now.” Choosing and refusing physical contact

It’s no big secret among my friends that I’m not a hugger, except of trees. I like trees, they don’t invade personal space uninvited.

Watching Pride and Prejudice is not the same as reading the book

The 1996 BBC series with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. A thought occurs. Why are all the parents and parent figures (such as Lady Catherine, and Mr and Mrs Gardiner) portrayed as though they were in their sixties in so many adaptations of Pride and Prejudice? If you read the book the ages of MrContinue reading “Watching Pride and Prejudice is not the same as reading the book”

Today’s been fun

I went to Grimsby this afternoon and met my oldest friend. It was…interesting. We went for lunch at the same pub as we patronized in March but had to go elsewhere because they only have four accessible tables and they were all full. After we went for a mooch around the shopping centre and causedContinue reading “Today’s been fun”