I got soaked riding home from work this afternoon, but it was worth it for the letter waiting for me. This is a hand written letter appreciation post.

A dear friend in the Netherlands and I have been writing back and forth for over two years. Her letters are always a great treat. We’ve never met in person, but I know she reads this blog, and I sometimes visit her pintrest page. We met on Facebook when we were both into 30 Seconds to Mars (2011); when she deleted her account we both refused to let our friendship die and now communicate by What’sApp and letters.

I write to one other person regularly, and several intermittently. I enjoy letter writing; there’s something intimate about writing a letter to a friend that email or IM, texts etc., don’t possess. The physical act of sitting down, composing your thoughts and setting them down on paper, is an act of devotion to a relationship. By investing time and thought in writing to a friend I feel that I am showing that person how much I value them.

I find it easier to express myself in writing than verbally. There are things I would not be able to say to a friend’s face that I can confide to them in writing. The exchange of confidences builds a trust that strengthens affection.

I love receiving letters, I get a soft warm red glow at the thought that someone cares enough to spend time and energy communicating with me.

In letters I can have long rambling conversations that last months, and cover all sorts of subjects. It’s fun; I wait impatiently for the next part of the conversation, for news from places I’ve never been, from people I will eventually meet.

Of course there are problems; postage costs for a start. Have you seen the price of sending a letter to Finland these days? It’s extortionate! Other than that minor problem, there’s my terrible handwriting; I’m always surprised when anyone can read it. Apparently some people can; I’ve yet to work out how since there are times when I can’t read my own writing. I also tend to write and rewrite a letter if I’m not happy with the way I’ve expressed myself or my scribble is particularly illegible.

But none of these ‘problems’ will stop me sending letters to friends.

Anyone else still enjoy letter writing?

And now I’m going to disappear offline and get some writing done




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