Purple Allium


This week’s IBQ prompt from 61 Musings is about gardens; what does a garden mean to me?

I love gardens, love to dig, plant, sow seeds, but honestly, I’m too lazy to properly cultivate one. I’ve tried, I even had an allotment at one time, but I never quite managed to make much progress. I’d do things in fits and starts, and never make much of it.

My purple granny’s bonnets


My front garden goes a little wild in the early summer, after a blazing spring of dancing daffodils. I did a bit of grass cutting yesterday, which has left some of my lovely flowers highlighted among the shrubbery.

Some sort of daisies? Not sure, grows like wild in the garden.


In the back garden I’ve planted a few edible plants in pots. I can manage pots 🙂

I have nasturtiums…


Salad leaves and spring onions…


And cherry tomatoes.


I share the garden with mother, and she has a few of her own plants. Her favourite is her clematis. It grows by the back door. It should flower soon.


This evening Mumsy planted up some pots for my grandma.


Gardens are a refuge for me; strolling around a large well tended traditional garden with fruit trees vegetables and flowers is heavenly.

But my garden will never be that.

Too big and I get distracted by the complexity, by the small things. I might have one perfect, dug, fertilized, neatly planted, bed, but the rest of the garden will be weed strewn. Instead, a small courtyard garden with planters of flowers, fruits and vegetables would be perfect. It wouldn’t matter, then, where I was living because I would have my own little piece of countryside.

(Image credit)


If the house was surrounded by trees, somewhere out in the country, that would be perfect…


(Picture from my friend SH in northern Finland, sent a couple of summer’s ago.)

In the past I’ve been as obsessed with gardening, but, like a lot of my obsessions it has passed on and is now back down to a ‘background’ interest, something I enjoy and have some knowledge about, but which doesn’t consume me.

To answer the question, what do gardens mean to me?

A refuge, a place of calm, serenity, and the green growing things.

Occasionally they are also a playground and a place to socialise and celebrate with family and friends.

Gardens represent the two parts of an introvert’s nature, in a way.

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