Update on the work situation

I wrote a post in early February, when I learnt somewhat abruptly that the factory I work at was shedding 250 jobs. I thought regular readers might appreciate an update, since I’ve been a little …odd lately.
The 45 day consultation period has been and gone and currently employees are in their second round of 1-2-1 meetings. From what I’ve been told nothing helpful has passed during these meetings. There is no confirmation of a finishing date, no support to find other work has been offered. I have also heard that an element of bullying by managers is taking place, forcing people to apply for unsuitable positions etc. It’s been handled appallingly; it’s hardly surprising people are beginning to get angry, disconsolate and stressed.

People need support: job search advice, application and CV writing instruction, interview techniques, training opportunities. They aren’t getting that. This is already an area of high unemployment, another 250 people fighting for the jobs available is going to make it harder for everyone. I feel for my colleagues, especially those who have worked for the company for twenty years or more and have little experience in the job market. They’re going to find it difficult to move on.

As for myself, I’ve been working considerably more hours in the last few weeks in preparation for losing my job. I don’t believe for a second that the agency will make any effort to find me work elsewhere. I have opened a savings account and started depositing wages as a rainy day fund, updated my CV, asked the tech managers for references, to be emailed to me, completed IT training and have been applying for a couple of jobs a week. No luck on that front so far but I am constantly looking and managed to apply for four jobs today.

My preparations will, hopefully, yield results.

The uncertainty has had a detrimental affect on my mental health; you may have noticed…
I’m feeling slightly more steady today. Certainly I’m not feeling the gut-punch of depression and despair I felt last week. I can only hope it continues.


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