Today’s been fun

I went to Grimsby this afternoon and met my oldest friend. It was…interesting. We went for lunch at the same pub as we patronized in March but had to go elsewhere because they only have four accessible tables and they were all full.

After we went for a mooch around the shopping centre and caused mayhem in Card Warehouse by attempting to buy a card just like everyone else. After that Fi destroyed Waterstones. I don’t know who’s idea having tables all over the place is and I’m sure it’s some sort of marketing strategy but it’s really not accessible to wheelchair users.

Getting home was fun. Well no it wasn’t actually. First we went to get a bus, but the stop had changed without any notice to say where it had gone; the bus drove past as we were nearly at the next bus stop. We’d missed it became we were looking for the first stop. The next bus was half an hour late, there was a pram and a person sitting in the wheelchair bay. The woman and the parents with the pram refused to move despite the driver reminding them of the law. The next bus already had a young man and his chair occupying the wheelchair bay so we couldn’t get on that bus either. We went to plan C after that and rang Fi’s dad to come get us. After almost two hours trying to get the bus home we were worn out and couldn’t face another half hour wait and the possibility of another disappointment.

Other than the bus disaster it was a good afternoon. I bought six new books.


I also got a couple of DVDs, writing paper and another notebook because there is no such thing as too many notebooks.

Fi has a blog of her own now, she’s very good at telling these sorts of anecdotes with wit. She blogs at Tyre Raids. If she hasn’t already written about today’s misadventures she probably will soon; we were discussing suitable post titles in the car in the way home.

[Here’s a direct link to the post Fi wrote: ]


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