Bands on Twitter

It’s time for another round up of the bands I’ve followed/have been followed by on Twitter. Five bands this time ’round.

Sky Burns Red

Twitter: @SkyBurnsRedBand
Facebook: Sky Burns Red

Sky Burns Red are a four-piece from Swindon. They describe themselves as ‘an eclectic rock band with an orchestral twist’. They have a violinist!

I’m pretty certain they followed me then unfollowed when I didn’t reciprocate straight away. By the time I got round to it I had to go looking. Luckily, I remembered the name. I’m glad I made the effort.


Jase: guitar and vocals
Mike: bass
Laura: violin
James: drums and percussion


I listened to a few of their old tracks and their latest release ‘Malfunction’, from their new album ‘Machines’. The album was released last month.

I’m listening again as I write, it’s such a good tune. The violin and guitar work so well together (which, I’ve noticed, is often the case. There should be more violinists in rock music.) I really like the music I’ve heard so far, the musicians are talented and clearly have a future in music. I liked the swelling intros, the way tge violin provides a strong counterpoint to the more traditional guitar and drums, and the vocalist has a decent voice.

I wouldn’t mind listening to the new album in its entirety. If their older work is anything to go by I suspect it’ll be brilliant.

Fire Tiger

And now for something a bit different. A trip back to the 1980’s anyone? This band are very ‘retro’ in their style, while making new, original music.

This lot have their own website which provides some information, although not much more than their Facebook page. They also have the usual social media:
And, helpfully they are also on ReverbNation and YouTube.

Tiff Alkouri
James Ramsey
Chris Cuomo
Cahuengo Mango


I watched the video for ‘Energy’ and was quite impressed by the blending of pop and rock a la 1984. Seriously, this song could have been made in the mid-eighties. That really isn’t a criticism, I liked it. So, yeah, if that’s your thing have a listen to this LA quartet.

Diamond Days

The bassist in this band followed me; it would have been rude NOT to listen to their music. They’re another UK rock band and like almost everyone else they are utilising the web to promote their music. The list follows:


Tom Jackson: Bass
Tom Shepard: Guitars
Mark ?
Alex: Vocals/Guitars


I’ve listened to the two tracks they have on their Soundcloud page and I have to say they are rather good. Trying to think of who they have a similar sound to; You Me At Six mebbe? Anyway, I like it. I suggest people go listen.

Bad Ideas

Bad Ideas are an ‘indie punk’ band from Leeds. Again, I’ve struggled to find out much about them. Their bandcamppage has the best information, as well as the songs from their second album ‘Compromise’ (2013).


Er, yeah, bit difficult that one. Bad Ideas started as the solo work of Sam Cook, vocals, but became a full band with the production of Compromise. I can’t find much more detail though.


Thoughtful songs, strong vocals, excellent musicianship. I especially liked ‘No Secret; I’ and ‘Lincoln’, but all of the songs on the album appealed aestheticly.

Again, I recommend you try them.

World War Me

And today’s final band is a trio (so far as I can tell) from Chicago. I’ll be brief, as I’ve been writing this for over three hours and I really need to get things done today.

The band currently consist of vocalist Stephen Krypel, bassist Michael Colon and drummer Richard Nash. Stylistically, I am reminded of Falling in Reverse; Krypel’s vocals have a similar rough quality.

The band are on Facebook and Twitter (@WorldWarMe_). YouTube is the best way to hear their stuff though.

And that’s the lot for now. I like all of the bands, but really enjoyed listening to the last two.

In a slight side note, is it me it is there a similarity in the sounds of the UK bands? I can’t place it, but there’s something that they have in common, stylistically. All three are unique in their own ways, but still clearly part of the same tradition.



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