Novel news

The second draft continues apace. Due to having a bit of peace and quiet over the weekend while I was at Dad’s
I managed to hit the 20,000 word mark and with it complete what I consider to be the beginning of the novel. My main characters have all been introduced, the central conflict is in place and I think I’ve managed to sketch in the details if the world I’m building.

Next I need to get in to the meat of the story. This ‘middle’ is probably going to be huge since I need to cover two years of the characters lives, develop ‘their’ plan and have them build alliances with characters that haven’t been introduced yet. I also need to develop the sub-plot. In my first draft development of this was a bare minimum, because I focused on the three main characters. While the overall story is satisfactory without the subplots I want the different perspectives available by switching characters and locations. There’s only so much I can do with letters and semaphore messages. I need the tension between events as they happen and events being reported to other characters in different locations.

It’ll have an impact on the ‘end’ section, which will probably be around 20,000 words. Again, this section needs a lot of work, a few details need adding.

Today was spent, when I wasn’t gaming with my nephew or sewing a felt pony for my niece (aside to my cousin Christopher – thanks for printing off that pattern for her, it’s a right pig to make up) or learning German while hiding in my room because we had a house full and there’s only so much I can cope with, in going through every page and noting down characters because I’ve been adding people and changing things. I got confused yesterday by the whole thing and started forgetting who was who. Some of the characters are mentioned only by name, though they’re important and will appear later in the novel, others have played their parts and may or may not make another appearance. I tried something more comprehensive before I wrote the first draft, when I was planning the novel in advance of NaNoWriMo 2013, but that is out of date now. I suppose today was just an update of that.

That’s all for today. I’m not really up to writing poetry at the minute, so nothing in that line this evening. My antibiotics are beginning to work on the lymph lumps but I’m not quite right at the minute.




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