NaPoWriMo day 14

Surprisingly, now that I’ve had a couple of hours to rest since my visit to the doctors, I don’t feel so awful as I have been generally for the last week.

No headaches today and I got some information about the swelling on the left side of my face. Even better, I’ve got some medication so with any luck I’ll be back to my normal obnoxious self in a week or so. I also have to lose weight. Tried, failed miserably, tried again ad nauseam. But, I really need to this time round.

But you’re possibly here for the poetry, not an update on my ever precarious health?

I saw my grandmother today; it’s been a while. Then I saw my great aunt while I was out walking. I haven’t seen her in a while either. We live in the same town, it’d take five minutes to drive from my house to either of theirs. I just don’t find the time

Missing time

Days pass
Weeks run by
We don’t speak
Visits unmade
Time passed, time lost
Regret settles in its wake


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