There’s a blog I sometimes read that has started weekly writing prompts for introverts. I saw this weeks and thought I’d give it a go.

Solitude ‘the state or situation of being alone’ is often considered synonymous with loneliness and isolation. I find seclusion a better synonym. Solitude isn’t lonely; it’s a restorative state.

I often feel overwhelmed by noise. Several people talking at once, the television or radio chattering away, it all crowds in on me. I struggle to take things in, to comprehend information I’m given, because of the sensory hammering my brain is receiving. It’s not unheard of, if I’ve been alone all day, to find the sudden deluge of people coming to my house – I live with my mother and other than my paid work at weekends I spend most of my time alone – to feel like the sudden increase in people and associated noise is a physical assault. I curl up on the settee with my hands over my ears. If that doesn’t calm the racket down I stand up and leave the room.

I go to my room. My library. My sanctuary.

Library_booksThere’s something calming about the presence of books. I can’t be the only one who feels like that? I like libraries and book shops too. To escape to the solitude of my room, put my music on and lie back with a book is not lonely isolation, it’s soothing seclusion.




  1. I don’t read a lot, but I LOVE book shops, I can spend hours in one. Coffee shops too.

    1. R Cawkwell says:

      Coffee shops are a bit too hectic for me sometimes, but I do enjoy them as a refreshing change

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